Delicata squash...maple braised shallots pomegranate

​Brussel sprouts....4S sauce

Broccoli and Mushrooms....Bagna cauda herbs

​Sourdough...baked to order roast garlic marinara

​Collard Greens....lots of piggy bits pepper relish


Kale...sheeps feta fruit candied nuts onions


​Chopped....melange of veggies greens cheese house dressing


Oil poached Octopus

​Hot Honey Legs...Fried drumsticks hot honey sauce blue cheese

​Smoked Ribs....buttermilk biscuits molasses BBQ

our sides change from time to time depending on season and availability


​​Pauline and Sharon's 

Purveyors of delicious pizza

​Phone: 718 788 7333

​Tuesday through Sunday 5pm to 11pm


​597A 4th Ave

​Brooklyn, NY 11215

​delivery: Park Slope to Sunset Park parts of Gowanus and Windsor

Local deliveryPizza in Brooklyn

Locatedin south slope Brooklyn​

Pauline and Sharon's​ has been a purveyor of delicious pizza since 2010. Now nestled in an ocean of condominium development Pauline and Sharon's is a homage to all the chefs and restaurantuers that chef/owner TJ O'Connor has work and studied under, bringing influences from the Lowcountry, French, Italian, Midwest, North African and Mediterranian cuisines into the pizza making process. Emphasizing on whole pies Pauline and Sharon's has a strict policy of making, as much as possible, in house everything from the sourdough cultivated from grapes and the Brooklyn air to the butchering, curing and smoking of house meats.



House made mozzarella  

​House made sausage  

​House made Roni

P&S....house made sausage roni onions peppers garlic 

​Veggie.....spinach mushrooms onions peppers broccoli garlic

​Mixed Mushrooms   

​Spinach and mushrooms....béchamel roasted garlic mozzarella parmesan

​Blanquita...béchamel garlic mozzarella parmesan

Pie for the Hunt...smoked chicken mushrooms onions red wine vinegar

Smoked Chicken and Hot Sauce

Pupi's Pickled Pepper Patch....pickled peppers sheeps milk feta

​Cured Smoked Duck Breast and Blueberry Jam....14in only

​Brie and Onion Jam.....14in only

all our pizzas are made with sourdough crust and herb pesto that does not contain nuts